Taxation Services

Finding pragmatic solutions to complex tax issues

We advise on all aspects of taxation from compliance services to tax planning and consultancy. Our taxation services are delivered by fully qualified tax consultants, accountants and tax technicians. Our innovative thinking and problem solving help us structure your affairs in a tax-efficient manner and therefore minimise your tax liabilities. We also ensure that all your compliance needs are met and that all relevant tax claims are made. We provide taxation services to a range of corporate clients, personal clients and trusts.

Personal Tax

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Business Tax

We advise a wide range of corporate clients from start-up companies to large groups and multinationals. We advise on:

Value Added Tax

We advise on all aspects of VAT including:

Capital Taxes

We advise on Capital Gains Tax (CGT) Capital Acquisitions Tax (CAT) (Gift and Inheritance Tax) and Stamp Duty including:

Relevant Contracts Tax

We advise on RCT including:


Working hard to meet our client’s expectations and this is what working hard for our clients mean to them.

Great and very professional accountants company always very helpful and they always have got your side , been a client now for 6 years and never once had an issue. Thanks

Frank Gissane Google Review

Total loss when it comes to the revenue this is the company for you they sort every thing out there quick they speak English and no big words that you can't understand thank you John and Co.

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    Taxation Services

    Revenue Audits, Desk Reviews and Investigations

    We have been involved in numerous Revenue audits, desk reviews and investigations and have vast experience in advising personal and corporate clients on Revenue audits, investigations and interventions and in dealing with Revenue.

    We can advise you on how to approach a Revenue audit or intervention, how to make a prompted or unprompted disclosure and manage the engagement until such a time as the case is closed. We have experience in:

    Accountant is calculate the budget.

    Focus Your Time And Efforts On Running Your Business And Leave Tax Matters To Us

    Our specialists have expertise in a wide range of areas, and experience working with organisations of all types and sizes.